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Recent Publications

& Updates: 


The Concealment of Endless Light, Yehoshua's third poetry collection, is now available for pre-order. 

Poems are forthcoming in TriQuarterly and Tiferet. Stay tuned! 

"Hearing Roy Orbison in a Mikvah in Salem, MA," "Notes on Marriage," and "Driving Back to College in a Storm" were recently featured on Vox Populi.


Two new poems--"Notes on the Tzimtzum" and "On the World's Continuity Via Divine Speech"--were recently featured on The Lehrhaus. 

Yehoshua read and discussed

his poem "Conjoined Twins"

on Sarah Grynberg's A Life of Greatness podcast. 

Click here to listen. 

Yehoshua read at the Yetzirah Poetry Conference 

with Ilya Kaminsky, Sharon Dolin,

Sally Rosen Kindred & Judith Baumel,

June 21, 2023.

Click here to watch a video of the reading.


Yehoshua served as a Fellow

at Yetzirah's summer poetry conference,

June 20-25, at UNC-Asheville. Click here to

access recordings of many of the conference events. 

New poems appear in THRUSHCommonwealCider Press ReviewTiferet, Baltimore Review, Kosmos,

The Lehrhaus, Gashmius Magazine

and Paterson Literary Review

"2AM, and the Rabbinical Students Stand in Their Bathrobes," a poem from Two Worlds Exist, was featured on the Best American Poetry blog.

In "The Jewish Poem That Helped Me Grieve," a personal essay featured on heyalma, Benyamin Rumi explores how a poem in Two Worlds Exist helped him grapple with the loss of a loved one. 

"Teachers and Students," which appeared in Baltimore Review's Spring 2022 issue, was nominated for the Pushcart Prize. 

"Body and Soul, the Poetry of Yehoshua November," a lengthy essay by Liz Rosenberg on Yehoshua's first two poetry collections, was the cover feature on the April 2022 volume of Hollins Critic.  

"2AM, and the Rabbinical Students Stand in Their Bathrobes," a poem from Two Worlds Exist, was featured on the Poetry Unbound podcast program, Dec. 6, 2021.

Click here to listen.  

A new poem, "On learning, via Facebook, of the divorce of two friends whose marriage I helped orchestrate," 

is featured in Tampa Review  61/62.

A new poem, "Revelation After Cochlear Implant Revision Surgery," is featured in the fall 2021issue of Reflections, the Yale Divinity School journal. 

A new poem, "The Buttonhook," is featured in the July 2021 issue of The Sun. 

Poetry Reading with Alicia Ostriker and Eleanor Wilner,   

November 23, 2020,

JCC of Buffalo

Click here for a Youtube recording of the event.


Yehoshua's "Foreword" to 

101 Jewish Poems for the Third Millennium 

featured in Tikkun 


Podcast Interview on Two Worlds Exist,

New Books Network,

September, 2020 

"I Leave You This Poem:

A Tribute to Chana Bloch."

Panel with Danusha Lameris, Andrea Hollander,

James Crews, and Rachel Mennies

March 6, 2020 

AWP Conference, San Antonio, Texas

(Postponed to AWP 2021 

in Kansas City, Missouri).

Interfaith Poetry Reading 

with Marie Howe and Leila Chatti

December, 2019

Brooklyn Public Library

Click here for a Youtube recording of the event. 

"There is Only One Story," 

a poem on the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting, featured on and in a Poetry International special collection of poems on the spirit.

"Contemporary Poetry and Mystical Intimacy,"

an essay on Chassidic Thought, The Song of Songs, and contemporary poetry, published on the Lehrhaus.  

“Come, My Beloved, to Greet the Bride,”

a personal essay on a 16th Century Kabbalistic poem, featured in Harvard Divinity Bulletin.

A selection of poems from God's Optimism, set to music by composer William Vollinger, received a 2019 American Prize Honorable Mention for Vocal Chamber Music. Click here to listen to the set of songs performed by Lawrence Indik, baritone & Charles Abramovic, piano on Jan. 30, 2019 @ Temple University


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